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The generosity of plus sized clothes

July 26, 2012

Plus sized clothes are very generous and forgiving. This is a good thing and a sometimes a tiny-bit of a bad thing. Most of the clothes I wear on a regular basis were purchased when I was around 220 lbs. Which is a weight I have been sitting at for a couple of years now. At this weight I am approximately a size 14.

I noticed that at nearly 240 lbs I could still wear all of these clothes, but the pants were getting tight and the sweaters were not hiding my belly as much as I like. I also know that at 200 lbs I can wear the same clothes and they are simply a bit looser giving me a bit of an illusion of a flat belly.

So, basically my plus sized clothing has a range of at least 40lbs, possibly 60 lbs. The good part about that is that I don’t have to buy clothes for each 10 lb increment. The tiny-bad part about it is that I don’t have to buy clothes for each 10 lb increment which means it requires significant weight loss to actually cue anyone that I have changed sizes.

There is another major benefit to plus sized clothing, its cut differently than clothing in ‘regular’ sizes. Tops are generally longer, bottoms have a bit of elasticity. This is flattering because when the body is not cut at the waist you don’t highlight the belly area. ┬áThis is one reason I’m not very sure if I ever really want to be lower than a size 12 mostly because I love the cuts of plus size clothes and hate how revealing I feel most ‘regular’ sizes are.