Mini-Goal: 25 lbs!


I’m surprised to be reaching my 25 lb mini-goal today. My weight has been jumping around a little, and while I am used to it jumping up I’m not used to it jumping down. Typically it will either jump up for no discernible reason, or more likely for a reason like drinking three pints of cider and then I will spend the next week really watching what I eat as it inches it’s way back down.

I’m getting very interested in learning how alcohol affects weight. I know that sodium makes me retain lots of water. When I overdo it on chips I will see a spike in my weight then when the salt is out of my system the water drops and my weight drops suddenly as well. Sugar is more long lasting. It packs the weight on like sodium but I have to fight every step of the way to get it off, there is no sudden water loss. Alcohol seems to be in-between the two. The weight seems to come on suddenly sometimes up to two days later and then I need to be careful for a few days but then it drops off suddenly like salt.

But, today is about celebrating the 25 lb mark. My reward for 25 lbs is a manicure. I’m backlogged on my rewards and probably will be for a little bit as the bank account is a bit tight right now. But in a couple of weeks I will have some fun.


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