Goal Setting – 40 lbs


237.8 lbs has been the heaviest I have been in nearly 4 years. So, I am very glad to be back at what has been my set point for the last 2 years in the 220 lb neighbourhood.

I realize that I sort of like the odd number that flags each milestone. Getting to just under 220 lbs give an incentive to say that I can go further than round numbers.

If I had had a very difficult time losing this first 20 lbs then I think I may be more inclined to take a maintenance period. But, it’s has been fairly effortless so far. That is in large part due to completely re-mapping my eating habits after my brother passed.

I’m feeling good on the food I am eating. Not full-full but content-full, with energy, not feeling hunger pangs between meals, and not even late at night despite some relatively early dinners.

My next goal is to lose a total of 40 lbs, another 20 lb increment. Which will take me to the coveted below 200 lb mark at 197.8 lbs.

I’ve set up my rewards as:

21 lbs – Apple movie rental

22 lbs – Lip / Eye wax

25 lbs – Manicure

30 lbs – Pedicure

35 lbs – New pants

40 lbs – Hair Trim


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