GOAL: 20 lbs!


Happy to announce that this morning I reached my 20 lb weight loss goal!

Start (again): 237.8 lbs
Current: 217.8 lbs

It hasn’t all been healthy weight loss. But, I’m now convinced that I am eating regularly, and losing weight at a steady slow pace rather than through unhealthy starvation.

There aren’t too many noticeable differences with this weight loss. No one has commented or noticed that I am losing weight. My clothes fit slightly better, but I do not need smaller sizes yet, I have simply averted having to purchase larger sizes.

This 20 lbs has been “easy” weight loss. I have not felt hungry, tired or irritated. I think the shock I put my body through at the loss of my brother has a lot to do with how well I transitioned into my current eating pattern without any of these side effects.

I have been able to lose this weight without any non-digestive related food denial.

What the heck does that mean?

There are still a number of things that upset my digestive since my brother passed, and I have steered clear of those foods – and there are a lot of them. But, I have not told myself I cannot have things that I do want and can have.

The biggest changes I have made are simply to:

  • eat regularly, including breakfast
  • avoid foods I am allergic to, or that upset my digestive
  • drink water or tea if I feel hungry at an unplanned time
  • allow myself to eat more if I do feel hungry after the water or tea
  • avoid refined sugars, sugary drinks and diet artificial sugar drinks
  • track what I eat (mostly)

My reward for hitting the 20 lb mark is to go get my hair cut.


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2 Responses to “GOAL: 20 lbs!”

  1. rynneesdsd Says:

    Sorry you lost your brother. 😦 Grieving and caring for your own wellness at the same time can be very difficult. Just hang in there! As for people noticing, I lost 80lbs a few years ago and no one said a word until I reach 25lbs. I didn’t go out and buy new clothes until 35lbs lost. That said, once I hit 50lbs every pound after than was noticeable and I couldn’t keep up with clothing. It will come!

    • beaglesmuggler Says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. I’m both happy and sad about the clothes. On the one hand, I’d like to need to buy new clothes as recognition of weight loss. On the other hand I’m probably saving a lot of money not having to.

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