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The generosity of plus sized clothes

July 26, 2012

Plus sized clothes are very generous and forgiving. This is a good thing and a sometimes a tiny-bit of a bad thing. Most of the clothes I wear on a regular basis were purchased when I was around 220 lbs. Which is a weight I have been sitting at for a couple of years now. At this weight I am approximately a size 14.

I noticed that at nearly 240 lbs I could still wear all of these clothes, but the pants were getting tight and the sweaters were not hiding my belly as much as I like. I also know that at 200 lbs I can wear the same clothes and they are simply a bit looser giving me a bit of an illusion of a flat belly.

So, basically my plus sized clothing has a range of at least 40lbs, possibly 60 lbs. The good part about that is that I don’t have to buy clothes for each 10 lb increment. The tiny-bad part about it is that I don’t have to buy clothes for each 10 lb increment which means it requires significant weight loss to actually cue anyone that I have changed sizes.

There is another major benefit to plus sized clothing, its cut differently than clothing in ‘regular’ sizes. Tops are generally longer, bottoms have a bit of elasticity. This is flattering because when the body is not cut at the waist you don’t highlight the belly area.  This is one reason I’m not very sure if I ever really want to be lower than a size 12 mostly because I love the cuts of plus size clothes and hate how revealing I feel most ‘regular’ sizes are.



July 19, 2012

I have reached that inevitable point in any life style change, weight loss, diet, trying-to-do-something-new process where there is failure and now I am feeling frustrated by it.

It is a completely inconsequential failure, unless I let it have consequences.

After reaching my 20 lb goal, I have had an incredibly minor set back. A 1.2 lb set back to be precise.

I was prepared for this. In fact, I thought I was going to have a set back before I hit my goal since I had a whole weekend of eating out with our families. I was more than pleased when I managed to maintain through that. Then I hit my goal – yay! Happy dance! And then the next day I gained 0.4 lbs, and then another 0.4 lbs and then another 0.4 lbs and I started to lose my calm, just a little bit.

Part of it was the weight gain, part of it was that I couldn’t explain the weight gain. I was keeping within my caloric range. On day one I had come close to max calories but not over and on day three I had had some alcohol, but not more than my daily calories worth.

What bothers me most is how bothered I am by all of this.

If I am going to make this healthy change permanent and not fail yet again I cannot let myself be so distressed by a measly 1.2lb gain. I need to look at the big picture. I need to remember that there are other factors of success like how I feel, how I am fitting into my clothes, my mood and energy levels.

So, this is my confession. I let myself be frustrated by a 1.2 lb gain that will likely not matter in a month. Now, I need to go live my life and make sure I stay committed to my goals and realize this is a very small trivial matter.

Goal Setting – 40 lbs

July 12, 2012

237.8 lbs has been the heaviest I have been in nearly 4 years. So, I am very glad to be back at what has been my set point for the last 2 years in the 220 lb neighbourhood.

I realize that I sort of like the odd number that flags each milestone. Getting to just under 220 lbs give an incentive to say that I can go further than round numbers.

If I had had a very difficult time losing this first 20 lbs then I think I may be more inclined to take a maintenance period. But, it’s has been fairly effortless so far. That is in large part due to completely re-mapping my eating habits after my brother passed.

I’m feeling good on the food I am eating. Not full-full but content-full, with energy, not feeling hunger pangs between meals, and not even late at night despite some relatively early dinners.

My next goal is to lose a total of 40 lbs, another 20 lb increment. Which will take me to the coveted below 200 lb mark at 197.8 lbs.

I’ve set up my rewards as:

21 lbs – Apple movie rental

22 lbs – Lip / Eye wax

25 lbs – Manicure

30 lbs – Pedicure

35 lbs – New pants

40 lbs – Hair Trim

GOAL: 20 lbs!

July 5, 2012

Happy to announce that this morning I reached my 20 lb weight loss goal!

Start (again): 237.8 lbs
Current: 217.8 lbs

It hasn’t all been healthy weight loss. But, I’m now convinced that I am eating regularly, and losing weight at a steady slow pace rather than through unhealthy starvation.

There aren’t too many noticeable differences with this weight loss. No one has commented or noticed that I am losing weight. My clothes fit slightly better, but I do not need smaller sizes yet, I have simply averted having to purchase larger sizes.

This 20 lbs has been “easy” weight loss. I have not felt hungry, tired or irritated. I think the shock I put my body through at the loss of my brother has a lot to do with how well I transitioned into my current eating pattern without any of these side effects.

I have been able to lose this weight without any non-digestive related food denial.

What the heck does that mean?

There are still a number of things that upset my digestive since my brother passed, and I have steered clear of those foods – and there are a lot of them. But, I have not told myself I cannot have things that I do want and can have.

The biggest changes I have made are simply to:

  • eat regularly, including breakfast
  • avoid foods I am allergic to, or that upset my digestive
  • drink water or tea if I feel hungry at an unplanned time
  • allow myself to eat more if I do feel hungry after the water or tea
  • avoid refined sugars, sugary drinks and diet artificial sugar drinks
  • track what I eat (mostly)

My reward for hitting the 20 lb mark is to go get my hair cut.