Mini-goal: 15 lbs


Crystal Renn

My weight has been boucing around but only within a 2-3 lb range and that seems to be in direct response to bad food choices. It is always shocking to me that one day of poor eating choices can pile on 2-3 lbs by the next morning, but that same weight will take a week or two to lose. I don’t understand how weight goes on that easy but is so difficult to take off. I figure that must be my body’s response to a set point.

The last couple of weeks have been surprisingly easy. Perhaps my body has let go of the 240 lb set point and is now accepting its old set point of near 220 lbs. I  hit 222.8 lbs a couple of days ago and was really happy to celebrate my 15 lb mark.

Reward is to go out and buy a new top. I now have two rewards to fulfill: the pedicure and a new top!


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