Leveling Off?


After my brother’s death I had a lot of problems with food. It took me almost two months to make it back onto solid food, and I had lost nearly 20 lbs. Of course, as I know from previous failed starvation diet attempts simply depriving the body of food is a terrible way to lose weight and keep it off. I was expecting to gain approximately 2lbs for every pound I lost… and maybe that still will happen, but I hope not.

I took it easy getting back into food. The first foods I was able to eat were really crap high sodium soups like Lipton cup of soup. I gained five pounds of water retention almost right away. From there I worked my way up to soft foods like mushed up avocado… or to make it sound better “hurray for guacamole!”

Aside from the soups which had some noodles once I was off those I have more or less managed to stick with a paleo diet. Although I’ve decided not to worry about it too much when I eat out. I may have to re-think this if I eat out more frequently.

I gave myself two weeks to adjust to real food before deciding to actually start monitoring myself for any kind of weight loss. My weight did bounce around all over the place in the first week and started to stabilize in the second week. I realize a week is probably not enough time, but I need a starting point so I drew an arbitrary line in the sand on Monday.

And there it is: 225 lbs.

That is just over 10 lbs down in total. So it looks like I gained back half of my starvation diet weight.

This number feels odd to me right now. A year ago this would have been one of my heaviest weights of the past two years and would have me feeling bad about myself. But, coming down from 237.8 the comparatively lower 225 lbs feels good.

My clothes have returned to fitting, whereas at 237.8 I was beginning to feel like I would need to buy new sizes.

It also means I have met several rewards that I need to give myself:

1 lb – manicure – done!

2 lbs – lip / eye wax – done!

5 lbs – movie rental – done!

10 lbs – pedicure – need to do.


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2 Responses to “Leveling Off?”

  1. quietwoman Says:

    I’m confused. Is that a picture of you above?….somehow the 225 lb. goal and the picture do not add up. I think it is good that you are awarding yourselves with gifts that do not include food. Funny thing, I’m a cosmetologist in training and have been doing hair and nails for the past 14 mos.! What has really helped me to loose weight was to just get out of the house AWAY from all the food and practice/do something with my time. It is good that you are setting goals for yourself and working on loosing weight. I don’t want to go on any more starvation diets either. I am 100 pounds “overweight” and have given up many times but now I’m back to trying to take control of my diet, weight, and health.


    • beaglesmuggler Says:

      No, the photos of the women at the beginning of any blog post are never me. With one exception where I showed a photo of my tattoos that I got in memory of my brother. The women are all plus size models. In this post it is Lizzie Miller. This particular photo caused a lot of conversation about how women are portrayed in the media.

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