1.8 lbs down, 3.2 to go.


Yesterday I proved that I can have dinner out at a restaurant, with alcohol and still lose weight. I need to make the moderation thing work or I will go insane.

Despite a dinner with wine (dieting makes me a light weight) I still got to bed, sort of slept (heat), and was up at 6:00 for my run. I’m supposed to go for a run with my work mates who are training for a 5K. I have brought my stuff, but I don’t really want to go. I’m finding that I really like solo-exercise more. I like to run, cycle, swim, kayak I’m not real big on the whole team thing.


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One Response to “1.8 lbs down, 3.2 to go.”

  1. Colline Says:

    Moderation is definitely the key – especially when one reaches the point of maintaining one’s weight.

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