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1.8 down, 3.2 to go

June 6, 2011

Slight gain over the weekend, but it feels good to come out of the weekend still in a postion of heading towards my 5 pound loss not having to lose more than 5 pounds now that I am out of the weekend.

I stayed on track with exercise and logging, although I did have a screw up on the logging on Saturday where I forgot to log an entire sandwich, that cost me Sunday morning on the scale.

I’m discovering that Saturday seems to be the day my body needs a rest. I’m much more interested in hitting the gym Sunday morning than Saturday morning.


2 lbs down, 3 to go.

June 3, 2011

That’s right, I broke even. I’m actually very excited about this. I really throught that breaking down and having that curry chicken for lunch before a banquet dinner would really screw things up, and just before a weekend to.

Got up an ran this morning, and now what I need to focus on is not allowing the weekend to get out of control.

2 lbs down, 3 to go

June 2, 2011

Doing well today, althought I’m a bit nervous that I’m undoing it all right now. It’s freezing in our office, so I got curry for lunch… and I have a banquet dinner tonight….

1.8 lbs down, 3.2 to go.

June 1, 2011

Yesterday I proved that I can have dinner out at a restaurant, with alcohol and still lose weight. I need to make the moderation thing work or I will go insane.

Despite a dinner with wine (dieting makes me a light weight) I still got to bed, sort of slept (heat), and was up at 6:00 for my run. I’m supposed to go for a run with my work mates who are training for a 5K. I have brought my stuff, but I don’t really want to go. I’m finding that I really like solo-exercise more. I like to run, cycle, swim, kayak I’m not real big on the whole team thing.