10 Day Results & New Challenge


Yesterday was my 10th day of:

– Logging my food
– Taking my weight
– Taking mesaurements
– Doing something active every day.

The results?

Most importantly I do have more energy and I want to continue this weight loss / fitness challenge. I’m sleeping better at night, not sleeping at my desk (as much — some very boring things at work this week) and I don’t feel like I’m dragging myself through my day.

I’m also getting up earlier. 6:00 am was really not something I wanted to commit to during the first week, I mainly planned my exercise after work and only got up early when I absolutely had to. Now I prefer to work our in the mornings and have it done with so that I have my day to myself.

I have lost 4 pounds even and 2.6 centimeters total. Since it is only the first 10 days I know that this kind of weight loss in 10 days is unsustainable and is generally water weight.

This is the next challenge: lose 5 pounds.

Not necessarily 5 pounds of fat (although I hope it will be), but 5 pounds. Doesn’t matter how long I take to do it, if I do it through diet or exercise, but lose 5 pounds.

The only thing I’m not allowed to do is starve it off me. I need to lose it through a good diet and exercise.


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