Day 9


Gack! I don’t know why I do this but sometimes I’m just not willing to believe the calorie counter. I know some things are bad for me: chips, chocolate, cakes, muffins (cake-in-disguise), cream pastas, cocktails…

But yesterday I made Jerk Chicken for the first time, it’s really just chicken with onion, jalapeno and a lot of spices. Still the calorie count came out near 700, which I knew was going to put me over my limit. But I ate it anyways, and then I ate 400 calories worth of orange juice and 100 calories worth of cherries, and was 600 calories over my limit.

So I’m back up 4.2 lbs from my lowest on Day 7. Down only 0.8 lbs from the start of these ten days.

That is ok though because I will likely loose 0.2 lbs today and tomorrow and 1 pound in about a week is reasonable.

Still, I need to go through these little trials to remind myself that while it is unfair that it is much easier to put weight on than take weight off.

Today I made it to the gym in the morning, took my weight and measurements and have pre-logged all my food for the day.


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