Day 8


I knew this day would come. Today was the day I woke up and took my weight and I had gained 1.6 pounds over yesterday. To be fair, yesterday I had lost 2 pounds, so gaining 1.6 back is reasonable since a 2 pound loss in a day is not sustainable. Still it sucks. On the other hand it’s good to have that happen in the first 10 days. At least to say it happened and moving on.

So I’ve taken my weight and measurements. My measurements are driving me a bit crazy. I know it’s not reasonable to expect size loss in under 10 days, but it’s like the fat on my body is moving. One day I’ll have a centimeter off my bust, but gain it on my hips the next day it decides it liked it more on my bust. So it’s break even with the measurements in total but individual measurements are really up and down.

I did get up and despite my legs still hurting quite a bit (stretching was a b*tch today!) went for the run. I’m debating if I can get up every morning to do the run or the gym… It was just by chance that all my gym days last week had evening meetings attached so I did them in the morning. But, once I drag my butt out of bed I do really prefer the morning workout to the afternoon one. I find I have a lot more energy during the day and I’m don’t still have this thing to do at the end of the day.

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2 Responses to “Day 8”

  1. Colline Says:

    Weighing and measuring yourself everyday os not a good idea: it is discouraging. Do this once a week instead, then you can celebrate the changes. Kudos to you for beginning your weight loss journey.

    • beaglesmuggler Says:

      I think how often you weight / measure yourself is a personal choice. I’ve run the whole gambit from stashing the scale in the closet and not allowing myself to weigh-in until I had consistently developed a gym routine for 6 months, doing the weekly weigh-ins and right now I’m doing daily weigh-ins.

      Different things work for different people. For me, I’ve learned that when I’m trying to get back on track it is very important for me to see the daily numbers. It’s not about OMG I GAINED 1.6 LBS THIS WEEK. In fact that ends up being a motivating factor for me rather than a demotivating factor. What I need and take from the daily weigh in is that I learn my body’s cycle. I get re-oriented to the fact that my body will weight more if I eat later at night, will go through cycles in the month depending on where my menstrual cycle is and I get used to see that. I also get a better idea of what is “normal” for my body.

      In the past I’ve found the weekly weight in very demotivating for me at the beginning. The work seems so much harder at the beginning because my muscles haven’t been used this way in a while, so the fact that I’m so sore makes me think I’ve worked that much harder and the fact that I’ve *only* lost a pound or two suddenly seems really unfair. I ended up working my hopes up to a bigger number than I can achieve in a week. Where as if at the beginning I see myself loosing a few ounces each day that for me is more motivating than the weekly weigh-in.

      Of course I realize that this may be different for everyone, so whatever works to keep me going to the gym and being conscious about what I eat is what I will go with.

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