Day 7



I knew today was going to be bad. If I was in that much pain yesterday – the day of the workout – today was going to be bad… and, it is. I really didn’t think I had overdone it that much.

Still, logged weight, measurements, food.

Workout was light today we went on an extra long dog walk. I don’t think I could physically do much else.

Will try to run tomorrow and hope it doesn’t kill me.


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2 Responses to “Day 7”

  1. multiconstruct Says:

    good luck with this, it looks like you’re working really hard and off to a good start. i would recommend more patience on outcomes though and continue to focus on processes. thanks for sharing.

    • beaglesmuggler Says:

      Patience isn’t a virtue I possess, as my partner well knows. In the academic and theoretical sense I know this is a process that needs patience and consistency over a long period of time rather than short concentrated bursts of energy. My challenge is to figure out how I can take my personality needs and use them to develop consistency over the long term. This round: short challenges to try to keep my mind engaged.

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