Day 4


Pulled yesterday out of the fire despite some obstacles. Grabbed a late lunch at Hero burger and chose reasonably healthy toppings (if you ignore the blue cheese). Still ended the day a little over 400 calories under, good job, but still not really counting just logging. Dog walker was a no-show last night so I took the dogs on the run with me and it didn’t seem to hurt my pace any. Took my weight and measurements when I got back. I seem to be loosing weight, but no size, which supports the idea that as the first time back to the gym and eating right in about 5 months that this is mostly water weight.

Back on track today. Got up early to go to the gym, used the Daily Burn’s workout app again to figure out what to do at the gym. It was thankfully much less intense than the workout on tuesday which I am still feeling. Also made a dinner last night that allowed me to bring the extra portion for lunch today. Took 8 mintues to make so I can easily make it after my meeting tonight and have it for lunch tomorrow and that will hopefully mean I won’t be scattered the day after my busy day.

Today is the first day I feel really tired with all the exercise and eating right. The first few days I really did get that energy boost. Today I’m dragging, my neighbour actually commented that I looked like I was dragging on my way out of the house today.

The lack of energy is actually what kickstarted me back to the gym and eating right this week. I’d been intending to do it for a few weeks, but with the holidays, move, vacation, and moving again, I kept putting it off. Then last Friday I opted for a burger and poutine for lunch and felt like I was going to fall asleep at my desk and I think did fall asleep around 7pm when I got home instead of getting anything done.

I’m hoping the energy comes back. I do want to make it through these 10 days. So here’s to hoping and trying not to fall asleep at my desk today.


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