Day 2 of 10


I did everything I was supposed to do yesterday including going out for a run in the evening. I ended up 31 calories over my target, but I’m not stressing that because it’s 31 calories and because I’m just trying to log at this point.

Today I am proving to myself that it does not in fact kill me to get up at 6:00 am. I did hit snooze for a few minutes, but got myself out of bed by 6:07, had some breakfast (yay me!) and headed out to the gym.

To become a complete mac-head the iphone is really helping keep me on track. I was already using the Daily Burn app to track my weight and food. Today I was looking for what workout routine I could do on my non-running day. Body Pump wasn’t available at Goodlife at the time I needed it to be, and I checked Health Habits for the first workout of the year, but it looked too advanced for me. So, I checked Daily Burn again and got their workout list and found a reasonable workout.

I’m generally giving myself a big pat on the back today (assuming I don’t over-eat when I get home) for pre-planning the exercise in the morning around the board meeting this afternoon.

I will need to do the same thing again on Thursday when I have a membership committee meeting. But, this is what these 10 days are about proving that I can include activity even during my busy days / weeks.

I adjusted it a bit with some things that I have learned from Health Habits. For instance the workout they gave me was 4-sets of 15-repts of push ups followed by 3-sets of 10-reps of tricep kickbacks followed by 3-sets of 10-reps of dumbbell rows and finally 3-sets of 10-reps of dumbell bicep curls.

The first thing I did was make everything 4 sets. This meant I could turn the whole thing into one “super-set”. I also swapped out the tricep kickback (which I hear does not so much) for a body weight tricep dip with a bench. Dumpted the dumbells and grabbed a 40 lb bar w

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