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The Definition of Stupidity…

June 24, 2009

Is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

I’m having a bit of trouble reconciling this piece of common wisdom with the development of good healthy habits. Which in my understanding is a process of introducing new, healthy processes and patterns of behaviour into my life while substituting out bad.

The issue here is that (for me) it does not seem as simple as choosing to adopt good habits. I choose that over and over and over. And, I fail to consistently implement them just as frequently. So, the question becomes not which habits to adopt, which habits to try to rid myself of… but by what process do I adopt the habits I want and shed the ones that are destructive?

I have been asking this question for a few years now and this may be the first year I’ve had some limited success…

A brief history of failed weight loss

23 yrs old – 184 lbs – first serious attempt to loose weight
24 yrs old – ??? lbs – the first diet attempt didn’t stick
25 yrs old – 199 lbs – OMG I’m almost 200 lbs! How did this happen!?
26 yrs old – 204 lbs – first time over 200 lbs – depression year!
27 yrs old – 250 lbs – Estimate, largest ever, based on clothes size.
28 yrs old – 210 lbs – first net loss over one year!
29 yrs old – 220 lbs – current day

With the exception of 26 – 27 years old I attempted a variety of diets each year and yo-yo’d my weight up the scale every year…. I don’t talk about the year between 26 and 27, that was just one big festival of pasta, chinese, discovery of Bailey’s flavoured ice cream and complete gluttony.

The point is that this year Christmas 2008, for the first time ever I actually lost a significant amount of weight during the year and held onto the loss….

The trouble is that since Christmas 2008 … coming up to my 29th b-day in a couple of days (July 3rd if you’re sending presents) …. I’ve slowly edged my way back up the scale.

There is some good news, most of that weight was gained January – March… since March I’ve been sitting at about 220 lbs steadily with 3 weeks of loss that I wish I had celebrated here earlier, which was subsequently completely erased by much take away last week.

I have the usual excuses, I just changed jobs, I’m moving, there is stress, there are summer BBQ’s, there is no time, my schedule is out of the window and I’m desperately trying to get it back on track.

The good news?! Well there’s a glimmer of hope. I have managed to hold onto my little calorie-count motivational group keeping it going strong now for over a year, and we are setting new 12 week goals next week.

New: Go to gym 3x/week
Maintenance: Log my calories every day for at least 9 of the 12 weeks.