Sort of…

After two weekends of intense pain I slacked off from going to the gym on Tuesday (as planned). Wednesday was a triumph of backwards logic. After the Tuesday debacle I decided I would go to the gym Wednesday after my morning meeting. Morning meeting was cancelled, and thanks to some mental gymnastics this meant that I now couldn’t go to the gym as I somehow magically erased the two hours free time I had for the gym and ignored the extra two hours I was given…

So, I guilted myself back into the gym this morning. Yay me! Totally unplanned by the way.

I think it is now time to admit that I have taken on too much at the gym. I really like the New Rules of Lifting program and it is an intense work out. I can also feel how much is taken out of my body after that work out. So much so that doing a HIIT workout seems dreadful afterwards.

The double workout is also taking me much too long. It takes me two and a half hours from deciding to go to the gym to stepping out of the shower.

So… here is the new plan: TA DA!!!!

NROLFW up to three times per week. NROLFW must be spaced out by at least one day (i.e. M,W,F or T,TH,ST…. not M,T,W).

HIIT workouts up to three times per week. HIIT cannot be done in the same work out as NROLFW. Alternate between HIIT and NROLFW workouts so long as there has been a full day from the last NROLFW work out.

Three days per week at the gym = success (at least until the end of this 12-week period – June 27th, 2009).

So, my possible workout combinations could look like this:

Most Likely:

Monday: NROLFW
Tuesday: None
Wednesday: HIIT
Thursday: None
Friday: NROLFW
Saturday: None
Sunday: None


Monday: NROLFW
Tuesday: HIIT
Wednesday: NROLFW
Thursday: HIIT
Friday: NROLFW
Saturday: HIIT
Sunday: None

Too Ambitious

Monday Morning: NROLFW
Monday Evening: HIIT
Tuesday: HIIT
Wednesday Morning: NROLFW
Wednesday Evening: HIIT
Thursday: HIIT
Friday Morning: NROLFW
Friday Evening: HIIT
Saturday: HIIT
Sunday: Mental Breakdown

In general, assuming I keep my head about me, I think this is a better program, it will allow me to get the HIIT in and I could get it in on a NROLFW day, but later in the day if I want to. It also has the added benefit of shortening the actual gym time which will be necessary when I start my new “actually need to go into the office” job.


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