Mood Swings


There are a lot of studies out there that deal with mood, exercise and diet. I know that when I’m eating well and exercising that my mood tends to be more positive than when I’m not. Weather can also be a influencer for mood.

Something is cross-wired in the mood department this week.

Yesterday, brilliant sunny day, I was friggin’ depressed almost to the point of paralysis… which was put to good use doing my companies audit files.

Today, rainy, rainy, rainy and I’m bouncing off the walls singing 80’s songs.

I feel like I should go to the gym today, but I’ve planned for Tomorrow and Friday and it will allow my back (which has been killing me) to get those last little aches and pains out before I abuse it some more.

She’s an uptown girl
She’s been livin’ in a downtown world
And la li laaaa la, la la la la la la la laaaa
Lala uptown girl
lala lalala downtown world


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