I just finished my week 2 day 2 workout, planned here. It really showed me how much changing up my workout can knock me out. I was thinking that once I was past the pain of the first workout from last week that I’d more or less get into an even keel, pushing myself but not really concerned about the workout.

Part of it was being over ambitious:

The dumbbell shoulder press had too much weight on it. I wasn’t able to complete either set fully. But I came close so I’m keeping the weights at 20 lbs for next week.

The wide grip lat pulldown I had originally set at 60 lbs, reduced to 40 lbs and then when I tried 40 at the gym it was much too easy so I put it back up to 60, I probably would have done better to go 50, my form was really sloppy and I wasn’t getting the weight all the way down. Still I was close and finished both sets so I’m leaving it there.

The lunges nearly killed me. I’ve done lunges before, but I’m obviously out of practice, I couldn’t hold the weights, my grip was gone, so I dropped from 40 lbs (20 ea.) to 24 lbs (12 ea.) and was still panting like a dog and feeling a wee bit dizzy after these sets. I took and extra minute recovery time before doing my crunches.

By the time I got to the HIIT it was the first time in a planned workout I was really wondering if I should go on, I felt pretty beat at this point, but figured the HIIT is what takes the fat off so I’d better.

The elliptical was longer, and I made it, but my sprints weren’t as fast. On Wednesday I was going about 200+ strides/min on the sprints, today was 185 – 200 max on them.

The one-leg deadlift wasn’t bad, but I’ve got terrible balance: hello! Core, where are you? Because of the balance I was only getting 3-4 reps per set.

I set the row at 9-pegs on the slidy-barbell machine thingy (no idea what that’s called – an olympic bar set on a vertical slide). This was actually fairly easy at the end with 5 reps / set. I will leave it there for one more workout and then drop it.

I’m still feeling pretty wobbly and quite tired. The good news is that I’ve been having a lot of personal stress lately and it’s really hard to be stressed out when you work your body this hard. Yay exercise as distraction! Whatever gets me into the gym, right?

There are a few must do’s as I continue this plan:

1. Find out how to eat protein right after work out instead of hours later. Consider protein bar or something – watch out for carb loaded protein bars.

2. Planning workouts when starting new job may require more days at gym for less time, or splitting between morning & evening workouts. Right now the work outs themselves take 1hr 30 min, and with getting ready, shower time it’s 2 hrs 20 min. I don’t have that much time in the mornings… or well I won’t when I start my new job.


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