Past the Pain


It took me until Sunday to really feel normal again after Thursday’s workout. Sleeping was difficult my muscles hurt so much and walking was really bad. I did however make it through my social night, not with grace, but still standing.

I repeated the workout again today, in a slightly different order, with much better results.

I began with the New Rules of Lifting for Women weights work out and finished with Health Habits aerobic HIIT work out and then anaerobic HIIT.

This pattern proved much less painful, and more productive. I can increase the weights on my Barbell Squat and Seated Row (also increased to 50 lbs for this workout), the 45 degree push up is ready to be lowered. I increased the weights and the number of steps for the step up and will leave it there for at least one more work out.

The Prone Jacknife however is unbelievably difficult for me. I have a small moment of saving grace in that I accidentally thought I had to complete 15 reps, and it was only 8, but they were painful and in poor form nonetheless. This one will take some work.

The Aerobic HIIT on the elliptical was much harder after completing the weights work out, but the overall work out was much more manageable. Not bad on squats or push ups for anaerobic.

I did use proper waiting times between sets and a better warm up this time for a total work out time of 1 hr 20 min. I can feel the work out in my legs and lower belly, and mildly in my arms but not the debilitating ‘hurts to breath’ of the last work out.

NROLFW is supposed to be done three times a week, so I’m not considering myself ‘on’ that program until I actually get to three times (likely next week) but I am following the Health Habits HIIT program since it started with one work out per week.

I’m planning a return to the gym on Friday, with this B-side workout. The HIIT will change as I advance through it, once I get to three times a week the NROLFW parts will be the same alternating workout A (last entry) to work out B exercises for sixteen weeks.

NROLFW – Deadlift
Planning 45 lb bar + 40 lbs total. = 85 lbs.

NROLFW – Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Planning 20 lbs per arm
This exercise is very difficult for me as I smashed up my shoulder a few years back.

NROLFW – Wide Grip Lat Pullown
Planning – 40 lbs
(yes, I picked this video for the accent)

NROLFW – Lunge
Planning – 20 lbs each arm = 40 lbs
(if you can get past the first 10 sec of this video it’s actually good, except for the ugly product push at the end)

NROLFW – Swiss Ball Crunches
Body Weight

HIIT – Elliptical
12 min, 10 sec sprint 50 sec recovery
I did notice I’m only supposed to be doing one aerobic HIIT per week, but I’m comfortable with one per work out, so when I get to two per week I’m simply going to add a new machine.

HIIT – 1 Leg Deadlift
Body weight
(they seem to look different when you get weights, but this looked reasonable for a body weight exercise)

At some point if I ever get a personal trainer I should ask them about form in the videos I select. The variety of videos on youtube is astounding, and for a novice like me it’s really about selecting which ones give me confidence. That, and I try to select as many as possible with women, for well, a female perspective.


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