Week 49 Check-In


I missed my calorie reduction goal by 100 calories this week, eating an average of 2,700 cal/day. I was doing quite well for most of the week hovering around the 2,300 cal/day mark and then on Friday and Saturday I dove headlong into food and ate over 3,600 calories on Friday and 4,500 calories on Saturday. I really don’t even know how I fit that much food into my body. It’s shocking.

Unsurprisingly the scale was up on Sunday morning. What does continue to surprise me is that as I have slowly reduce from 3,200 cal/day average to 2,700 I seem to be hovering in the same 5 pound range give or take a few pounds each week. In other words my weight seems to be maintaining… roughly.

I’m really re-evaluating the eat less, exercise more ‘simple’ weight loss advice. I think like most women when I listen to the ‘eat less’ I want to drastically reduce. I have, in the past, put myself on diets that were less than 700 cal/day. A responsible diet for me is between 1,200 – 1,500 cal/day.

I have to admit I find even the ‘responsible’ diets hard to maintain. Which puts me and millions of other women firmly in the yo-yo dieter / wagon jumper diet camp where we diet for a time and then gain it all back as we find we can’t maintain it. Ultimately failing to make the diet a lifestyle change.

I’ve told myself that if I could simply do the change slowly enough I could maintain it. However, now that I’m reading more on health and fitness I’m finding that the calorie range I’m shooting for may be too low. Maintaining my weight while I am eating as much as I am seems to support that. If I could actually get in shape and loose the weight I need to loose at a 2,000 – 2,500 cal/day diet that could be the difference for me between success and another turn on the yo-yo diet.

I feel like I’ve turned my own body into a science experiment. I am strangely excited about watching it’s progress now.

Crunchy Bits:

Week 4 Q4 – January 25 – 31st, 2009
Overall: 70%
Household: 48%
Health & Beauty: 67%
Finance: 86%
Career: 81%
Entertainment: 71%

Running Average
Overall: 80%
Household: 69%
Health & Beauty: 76%
Finance: 85%
Career: 99%
Entertainment: 80%


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