Week 47 & 48 moderate progress


I’m still not doing great on the regular posting here, but that is more life stress than a reflection on loosing sight of my goals.

I successfully started the slow calorie reduction mentioned in the previous post and am this week aiming to eat an average of 2,600 cal/day. In the last couple of weeks I’ve actually been surprised by my possibly (very possibly) incorrect understanding of calories.

I have been reading the New Rules of Lifting For Women, and as most training books / experts say women often eat too little when we are trying to loose weight. I know this, in theory at least. Somewhere I got it into my head that the average maintenance (that is non-weight loss) diet is around 2,000 cal/day for a woman. I also know many diets range from 700 cal/day (Dr. Bernstien) at the extreme end to around 1,500 at what seems the more moderate end, with many falling into the 1,200 – 1,400 range. So I figured myself fairly well prepared when I figured my dieting calorie range should be between 1,500 and 1,700. Not too low and not so high that I wasn’t trying.

This seemed to be validated the first time I slowly reduced my calories. Between the calorie reduction and the gym workouts I lost 6 dress sizes! Although at the time I did note that I was surprised to start seeing results when I was getting into the low 2,000 cal/day range.

WIth the scale out this time, and taking body measurements with three weeks of data I can see that I have really had no change from 3,200 to 3,000 to 2,800… at first this may seem like a bad thing. However, I had at this point expected that I would be gaining weight since 3,200 cal is significantly above 2,000 cal.

Then I got to the chapter in the New Rules of Lifting for Women which described their suggested nutrition plan, including a calorie range. Using their formula for BMR and calculating what I should be eating on day-to-day I should be eating between 2,200 – 2,500 to see results. So, it’s not surprising then that I am seeing no change at 2,800 cal instead of an increase.

This is by no means permission to suddenly jump back to a 3,500 cal/day diet on the assumption that I will not gain weight. Even if it isn’t over double of what my intake should be keeping it that high would undoubtedly produce negative results in the long term.

While I have made reasonable progress on the diet side, I need to get my butt back to the gym. I’ve got three excuses why I am not going:

1. It’s cold, and I’m a wuss.
2. I’ve not been and I want to change my routine, and I’m trying to think ‘how to’.
3. I’m very busy right now.

None of these are adequate reasons to keep me away. To solve problem number one I just went out and bought some nice winter gear, nice warm boots, gloves, hat, better layered insulated jacket, oh, and I do have a car… so no more excuses on that front.

I’m never going to know ‘how to’ if I don’t ‘do’ something so that’s a pretty lame excuse.

I’m always busy, sure I’m busier right now, but I need to prioritize me in my life otherwise the lack of fitness and nutrition will come back to bite me in the way of a heart attack later. If I think getting to the gym for a couple of hours is inconvenient, imagine the hospital stay!

So there’s me kicking my butt.

Crunchy bits:

Week 2 Q4 – January 10 – 17th, 2009
Overall: 88%
Household: 57%
Health & Beauty: 81%
Finance: 81%
Career: 110%
Entertainment: 110%

Week 3 Q4 – January 18 – 24th, 2009
Overall: 70%
Household: 81%
Health & Beauty: 62%
Finance: 71%
Career: 110%
Entertainment: 24%

Running Average
Overall: 83%
Household: 76%
Health & Beauty: 79%
Finance: 84%
Career: 105%
Entertainment: 83%


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