Week 46: The Beginning…Again…Almost


I spent the past week tracking everything I ate and I didn’t make it to the gym. The gym falls off when the food falls off. The bad news is that I’m right back where I started (food wise). In the space of a few short weeks all my well developed eating habits, healthy home cooked food and calorie control went out the window.

When I had finished tracking my calories this week I was eating an average of 3,200 cal/day. This says a lot about yo-yo dieting. Not that I’ve been thinking of myself as on a diet, but it has been a conscious effort towards positive change. That being said it produced (almost) the same patterns. I did well for awhile (much longer than I ever have) and then when I let go, I reverted to old bad habits and then some. In this case the and then some is an extra 200 calories per day.

It is very clear from this how given my usual pattern of success for about 3 months and then diving off the wagon for 3 to 6 months why in the past I have lost 20 lbs and then proceeded to gain 20-30 lbs progressively increasing my total body weight year over year.

The good news is that I’ve only really been off the wagon for a couple of weeks, really since the week after Christmas. My size 14 clothes feel a bit snug, but I’m not back up to a size 20, and instead of letting myself go until I am a size 20 or 24 I am recommitting now.

I am going back to the beginning in some ways. I’m not going to drop my calories to 1,500 immediately, or say that every meal I have from now on will be healthy or home cooked, that would be too drastic of a change to maintain all at once. I’m going to aim for 3,000 cal/day this week, and 2,800 next week and so on and so forth until I am eating between 1,500 cal/day and 2,000 cal/day.

I am also slowly going to increase my activity again, and look at new exercises beginning with the tips from Health Habits “Why Can’t I Loose This Fat HIIT series” and a book highly recommended by a number of my friends New Rules of Lifting for Women.

I have also re-introduced the scale after being without it for almost a year. I had gained some weight between the beginning of last week and this week, but instead of freaking out about it, and starving myself that day I took it in stride. Of course I gained some weight I was eating 3,200 cal/day on average, how could I not gain some weight? In fact, I actually managed to see it in a productive light. That with the scale I will be able to see when my weight starts to plateau and then go downwards. This should be an interesting experiment.

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