Every 12 weeks on my online motivation group (Wagon Jumpers) I do a 12-week consistency challenge, which I myself have failed for the previous two attempts. This is phase II of the current “plan”. The idea is that after I manage to work my way down to eating a reduced number of calories and up to exercising what I think is an achievable number of days per week (phase I) that I will try to maintain that for a given time period.

The catch is that when I don’t maintain it, then I need to deduct half the weeks that I’ve accomplished. This is what always kills me. I never seem to make it to 12 weeks, I’m always almost there, and then half way back.

So, this is not working.

Following the mirror incident which now has let me know how much I currently weigh, I’m thinking of doing the following:

1. Keeping phase I of the plan and starting there again.

2. Adjusting the calorie intake to a range of between 1,500 – 2,000 calories per day averaged across a week. I know that I am easily satisfied at 2,000 cal/day, and that I have weeks where I do manage to keep it as low as 1,500 cal/day. I also know that I was loosing size at 2,000 cal/day.

3. Allow myself to use the scale. Now that I am 9 months without a scale I think I have learned a lot about listening to my body and not measuring every success in pounds. It’s time to test that theory and see if I can use the scale as a tool to measure my success but not as the sole factor.

4. Balance the use of the scale with also measuring body fat, body water (my scale does both) and taking body measurements.

5. Implement phase I and phase III of the plan, cut out phase II since it no longer applies as I’m using the scale from the first day this time.

6. Re-evaluate the time needed to exercise. My gym time right now is, as I have learned over the past year inefficient, I am doing 1 hour of cardio, 30 min ab exercises, and 30 min hand held weights. I need to increase my basal metabolic rate (BMR) by building muscle, and I can do that by increasing weight lifting using full body weight exercises as Health Habits describes, and possibly using the New Rules of Lifting For Women as recommended by many friends.

I won’t set any exercise goals for now, for the next 12 weeks I am simply concentrating on logging my calories and getting them under control. This does not mean that I am not going to go to the gym. I certainly am, but I’m going to use these 12 weeks to see how much of the NROLFW I can do and which of the Health Habits exercises I can do, and if I can’t do them yet (i.e. pull ups) how I can modify them so that I can create a routine to progress towards them. In the next 12 weeks I will set exercise targets.


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