Weekly Check-In: Week 39


All in all I had a pretty good week. I met my calorie and exercise goals. Despite my procrastination, which I must not give into this week as I’m away for the weekend.

I actually noticed something pretty big this week. This may be TMI, but I think you’re all used to that from me by now. One of the things that really kicked me into gear on the whole “this time I’m doing it for real” health and fitness thing is one day I looked in the mirror, naked, and I was looking at my back.

I’ve always (or for a long time) have had the roll or crevice, or not sure what to call it, but there is a distinct line that cuts into and up my back from just below my rib-cage. This was my first ‘fat roll’ as I call it and it’s been there for a long time. Well, when I was looking in the mirror many months ago I noticed it had a friend that had joined it. It was located at the base of the shoulder blade roughly where the bra strap would go. And no, it didn’t go away when It took the bra off.

I don’t know why the second fat roll bothered me so much more than the first. But it did.

Anyways I was looking in the mirror yesterday, naked again, mirror, bathroom, shower, you do the math. Anyways I have a love hate relationship with my body as I’m going through these changes. On one hand I was liking the new definition in my shoulders, and how much slimmer my arms have become. On the other hand I was still hating how flabby my arms are, saggy my belly is and then I looked at my back….

I was in the process of being disappointed by my fat roll below my back ribcage, when I suddenly notice that it’s friend (by the bra strap) has departed. It’s gone, 100% gone! I can stretch and twist any which way I want, but it is gone!

It’s little successes like these that suddenly dawn on me, and seem to come out of the blue that give me hope that I can see my goals through.


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One Response to “Weekly Check-In: Week 39”

  1. danionamission Says:

    OMG, I can totally relate to the back roll and it’s nasty friend. I have been battling with the two-some for longer than I’d like to admit. But, like you too, my efforts are also starting to show, and we finally ditched the friend. Here’s to getting rid of Ms. Roll too!!

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