Weekly Check-In: Week 38


Setting a new 12-week goal, which I did on October 19th, 2008 seems to have kicked my motivation back into gear. Gear one maybe, but proceeding forward nonetheless. It may also be that I’m repeating my goal from the last 12-weeks.

This past week went well. I met all my exercise and kept my eating in line. Which are the only two things I need to do to meet my 12-week goal, I’ve said that by January 11th, 2009 that I will be 8 weeks in to having 12 consistent weeks of eating at 1500 cal/day (on average) and going to the gym 4 days / week. This past week I completed week 3 of 12. I’ve managed to do 3 weeks before, so this week week 4 of 12 is the first time I’ve ventured into the 4th week and hope for success.

Things are looking up. I had my book club ladies yesterday, we see each other about once a month. When I first dropped weight rather suddenly. I don’t mean that I lost a whole lot of weight in a short time, but for a long time, months, it seemed like I was not loosing any weight and then suddenly after months of effort I seemed to become a size 14 after being a size 20 for a long time. In any case they noticed when that happened a few months back, and I got some compliments that I’m slimming down again. I don’t feel it myself yet. But there’s some proof to back it up, my jeans are fitting a bit looser, and the top that I wore, which, the first time I wore it was a little tighter than I like was a comfortable fit.

I have a very screwed up body image at the moment. When I’m at the gym I feel great. Probably because I’m still exercising in my old size 20 work out clothes which are almost hanging off me now. I can look in the mirror and I look like a stick figure in these oversized clothes. That’s a big ego boost. But, at the same time, my new size 14 stuff is not longer all that ‘new’ and I don’t think I’m a size 12 yet, so I am now seeing the love handles, and the squishy bit in the back at the bottom of the bra strap. Sure, they were there before, but as compared to my size 20 body, size 14 was looking pretty sleek and slim. Now size 14 is starting to feel frumpy and ugly.

I need to use this mixed image to find motivation to continue. There is no point in hating my size 14 body so that I dive into pint after pint of Haagen Daaz and get my size 20 body back. Instead I have to keep working on my consistency. That will help in the long run. If I can get there, and 12-weeks is really not a long time (I’m at 38 week’s in this entire plan!), then I can change things up, start measuring and making new plans. But, for now, it’s one foot in front of the other and working for change.

My life balance goals are also starting to kick up a notch, didn’t do quite as well as last week, but I did well in Household, Health and Finance, not as well on Career or Entertainment. Just having these goals though is helping to keep my life in a bit more of an even keel than it was coming up to the holidays last year.

I have set myself some homework to figure out a holiday schedule, family visits, shopping, cards, parties, that includes time for the gym and myself. If I can get myself to do it, then I should be able to manage to be one of those annoying people who has their holiday shopping done at the beginning of December and more importantly this will give me time to fit in gym and personal time consistently through the holiday.

Crunchy Bits:

Week 6 Q3 – November 9 – November 15, 2008
Overall: 73%
Household: 100%
Health & Beauty: 100%
Finance: 105%
Career: 48%
Entertainment: 14%

Quarter 3 October 5 – January 3rd, 2008

Running Weekly Average
Overall: 66%
Household: 70%
Health & Beauty: 66%
Finance: 59%
Career: 71%
Entertainment: 66%

Quarter 2:
July 2008 – September 2008
Overall: 45%
Household: 63%
Health & Beauty: 55%
Finance: 34%
Career: 30%
Entertainment: 41%

Quarter 1:
April 2008 – June 2008
Overall: 55%
Household: 75%
Health & Beauty: 62%
Finance: 46%
Career: 36%
Entertainment: 53%


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