Weekly Check-In: Week 38


I’m a little bit upset, because I just wrote this post and wordpress seems to have eaten it and won’t give it back.

In any case…

Setting a new 12-week goals seems to have kicked my motivation back into gear. It may be gear one, but it’s forward looking progress. It may also be the fact that I’m repeating my last failed 12-week goal and really do not want to have to say that I failed on the same goal twice. Once is humiliation enough.

My goal is to be at week 8 of 12 of phase II of my plan. That is to have for 8 weeks consistently eating an average of 1500 cal/day and exercised 4 days/week. This past week I finished week 3, which is as far as I have ever gotten in the plan. The catch being if I miss a week I need to deduct half of the weeks I have already achieved, so I’ve finished week 3 before, failed week four been back at trying to get week 2 and failed that and then started again. So, I am now staring down the never before achieved week 4.

I am having some success. I had my book club ladies on Sunday. We see each other about once a month. When I originally dropped from a size 20 to a size 14 relatively suddenly. Actually, I shouldn’t say suddenly. It took months of effort. However, it seemed that for months no signs were visible then suddenly it all just came off. Anyways, when I originally dropped that weight they noticed. Then yesterday they said that I’m slimming down again. There is some evidence to back this up. My jeans are fitting better, and a top that I wore yesterday which was too tight when I bought it now fits comfortably.

I have a very mixed body image at the moment. When I go to the gym I feel great. I think this is mainly because I am still exercising in my size 20 clothes, which are literally hanging off me, so I look like a rail in them now and I can see how far I’ve come. However, my ‘new’ size 14 clothes are not so new anymore. I can see the love handles, the squishy bit below my bra strap. Sure, these things were there before, but I was so sleek and slim as compared to my size 20 body that I only saw the positives. Now the size 14 body is feeling frumpy and ugly.

I need to use this feeling to motivate me to keep going, to keep up the consistency to keep work for the size 12, 10, 9, 8… until I feel I have a fit, toned body that I am proud of. I can see small changes, my arms slimming down, my stomach is smaller…. I need to focus on the positive results and keep working for them. Giving into the negative will only get me my size 20 body back perhaps with another extra size and I don’t want that.

My life balance goals are also starting to come back in line. I did well keeping up with household chores this week, catching up on my finances in addition to my health and beauty goals. I need to step it up on my career and entertainment goals.

I’ve set myself some homework, to draw up a holiday schedule to get holiday shopping, cards, done and schedule the family visits, parties… part of me feels like planning fun ruins fun, however, if I am going to stay on top of my goals, and not be the cliche person who throws out all of my work over the holidays only to set a new year’s resolution of weight loss then I need to stay on track through the holidays. The only way to do that is to plan.

Crunchy Bits:

Week 6 Q3 – November 9 – November 15, 2008
Overall: 73%
Household: 100%
Health & Beauty: 100%
Finance: 105%
Career: 48%
Entertainment: 14%

Quarter 3 October 5 – January 3rd, 2008

Running Weekly Average
Overall: 66%
Household: 70%
Health & Beauty: 66%
Finance: 59%
Career: 71%
Entertainment: 66%

Quarter 2:
July 2008 – September 2008
Overall: 45%
Household: 63%
Health & Beauty: 55%
Finance: 34%
Career: 30%
Entertainment: 41%

Quarter 1:
April 2008 – June 2008
Overall: 55%
Household: 75%
Health & Beauty: 62%
Finance: 46%
Career: 36%
Entertainment: 53%


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