Photo Diet: Last Day


I’ve decided that the end of week 29 is also the end of my photo diet. I’ll cover this more in my weekly check-in, but the bottom line is: it did what it needed to do, which is getting me to cook at home and log my calories again. Now that is accomplished it is not longer in and of itself motivating me to eat well and it’s a lot of work. So I’m back to the old grind of trying to log my food sans photos.

Yesterday was a super busy day I had to get the dogs to the vet 10:20 – 11:15, shower and change and go to do my volunteering on the election 12:00 – 4:30, buy some new clothes because happily I’ve lost so much weight that none of my last year’s fall clothes fit 4:30 – 6:30, and then grab dinner and some sleep before taking a bunch of girls out for a pub crawl 10:00 – 3:00 am.

My eating choices were not great. Had I chosen not to eat or drink on the pub night I would have been on cal, but, that wasn’t going to happen. What I should have done was make a better dinner choice, and eaten a bit more early in the day.

I started with an apple as I ran out the door.

57 Calories

Apple: 57 Calories

Then I waited another 4 hours avoiding all the snacks at the election volunteer and finally caving to a glass of Apple Juice.

117 Calories

Apple Juice: 117 Calories

Needless to say by 6:30 I was starving and I over-indulged in Japanese take-away. Not only choosing the calorie okay sashimi, but also the tempura, some goyz and the sides of miso soup and rice which come with the sashimi. I did manage to half the portion of rice and avoid the rice with the tempura.

1312 Calories

Sashimi, Tempura, Goyza, Half Rice, Miso: 1312 Calories

Washed that down with a glass and a half of green iced tea.

131 Calories

Green Iced Tea 1.5 cups: 131 Calories

If I had stopped eating at this point, which I likely would have if I was staying in. Then I would have been fine for making my total weekly calories equal a daily maintenance average of around 2,000 cal/day.

But…. I had pub night to run. Which was a lot of fun, but also included alcohol and not tiny amounts. I do have a very high tolerance for alcohol so I was completely sober by the end of the night. Which just goes to show why I should not try to drink heavy (as I sometimes do) as I can easily drink 3-4 days worth of calories in alcohol without thinking about it.

I did a tour of my sketchy coming trendy neighbourhood, which I love as the sketchy neighbourhood. I did scare off some of the girls early in the night, but I feel that was okay since I gave fair warning about the ‘hood and the types of bars.

We started at the Gladstone with a pint of beer which I forgot to photograph. Almost finished my second pint of Mill Street Tankhouse Ale before I remembered to grap a photo at the Rhino Bar.

720 Calories

2 pints Mill Street Tankhouse Ale: 720 Calories

The Cadillac Lounge which had a Elvis impersonator playing punk-sak was too packed so we moved on to Cafe Taste which is a great little wine and cheese bar.

I had a great local Reisling which I really wish I could remember the name of at the moment.

115 Calories

Wine 5oz: 115 Calories

One of the great things about Cafe Taste is that once you order your wine you can order a cheese tray which they will custom make to the wines you are tasting. Two of us had a Reisling and the other a Black Oak Red Cabernet. They gave us a great little cheese tray with flat breads, pita, olives and about 4 oz of cheese total. I think I had about 1.5 of those. The cheeses were all local and absolutely GREAT! I stayed away from the almonds, but ate most of the olives, a reasonable calorie compromise. In my mind.

204 Calories Estimated

Shared Cheese Tray: 204 Calories Estimated

Finally we finished off the evening on the way to Mitzi’s Sister with Lollipops, we got there too late for Last Call so no more beer and home we went after grabbing the last official Mitiz’s post card promo calendar.

50 Calories

Lollipop: 50 Calories

LAST DAY TOTAL CALORIES: 2706! Wow! again too many calories, but if I take it into the context of how I was doing in February 3,000 calories was an average day for me, now 2,700 is a wild binge, so there is progress.

I do think this last photo blog does show that I’ve become accustomed to posting even my binges, so I don’t think it will continue to motivate me in and of itself to eat well. I’ll have to start doing that on my own beginning today.


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