Photo Diet: Day 4, Lunch & Dinner


I continue my quest to eat my sundried tomato wraps before they go bad.

229 Calories

Tomato Cucumber Wrap: 229 Calories

Began dinner by almost finishing up the Leek and Potato Soup.

89 Calories

Leek and Potato Soup: 89 Calories

Mum made mushroom stroganoff and brought it over for our weekly Buffy The Vampire fest.
(yes, I’m a geek – like you’re surprised). I had enough room in my calories to have two servings.

182 Calories X 2 = 364 Calories

Mushroom Stroganoff: 182 Calories X 2 = 364 Calories

I was slightly below 1200 calories at this point and decided some of the Potatoes Provencal would not be a bad idea.

287 Calories

Potatoes Provencal: 287 Calories

I also had in addition to the half cup of green iced tea, two other full cups of green iced tea with dinner.

86 Calories X 2.5 = 215 Calories

Green Iced Tea: 86 Calories X 2.5 = 215 Calories

I really need to start drinking water.

I’m still on my desert kick, so back to the soy not-so-good-because-I-bought-the-wrong-kind ice cream. And a pot of tea.

190 Calories

Mint Chocolate Chunk Soy Ice Cream: 190 Calories

DAY 4 TOTAL CALORIES: 1,566, not too bad, no gold star today but not too shabby. I think I’m in good shape to make a real go of my weekly average of 1,500 calories/day next week.

To take a complete tangent for a moment, my elbows feel thinner. It’s an odd thing to notice, elbows, thinner, but I can’t stop touching them I can feel so much more definition of the bone. It’s kind of ookie and exciting at the same time.


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