Photo Diet: Day 3, Dinner


I started dinner the same as yesterday with a bowl of soup after I finished the prep for the main course.

89 Calories

Leek and Potato Soup: 89 Calories

I was still hungry and I have a weakness for black olives (one of the ingredients in the main course).

60 Calories

1/4 cup black olives: 60 Calories

Black Olives are salty so I needed a drink:

45 Calories

1/2 cup Iced Green Tea: 45 Calories

Dinner was potatoes provencal. I didn’t realize until I was at the grocery that I had planned two potato meals for dinner. Can you tell I’m Irish? Oh, well. I’ll have to make a bean dish tomorrow for more protein.

Potatoes Provencal Prep

Potatoes Provencal Prep

Steam the potatoes, sautee onions and rosemary, add water, spices, soy sauce and potatoes then assemble in dish and cover with tomatoes and soy cheese (or real cheese).

Potatoes Provencal Uncooked

Potatoes Provencal Uncooked

Put in oven for 40 min. at 400 degrees F.

Potatoes Provencal Cooked

Potatoes Provencal Cooked

It makes six servings. Full recipe and nutritional information are available on Calorie Count.

332 Calories

Potatoes Provencal and Tea: 332 Calories

And, I still like my desert. Unfortunately I bought a kind of soy ice cream that I don’t like as much. There are two kinds with the same name, one is a vanilla base with mint chocolate chips, and one is a chocolate base (well carob really). I got the second and it’s not my favourite.

190 Calories

Mint Chocolate Soy Ice Cream and Tea: 190 Calories


Now, that is a good calorie day! Still with much food I think.


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