The Photo Diet Challenge


A bit thank you to Douglas Robb (Dr) From Health Habits. My motivation has taken a beating since I finished phase I of my plan and I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting on with phase II.

I’ve been letting food slide, haven’t made it to the gym as often as I’m supposed to and I’m turning back into a big lump on the couch.

In his most recent post he announced The Photo Diet. Basically, instead of just logging your food in a journal (which I already do online on a calorie tracking site) you take a picture of everything you eat.

Yes, this does sound like a total pain in the ass and way too much work. I certainly wouldn’t consider this if I was just starting out, but I’ve already done this successfully for 25 weeks and it’s only been in the last few that I’ve really slipped.

With the upcoming election I know I’ll be busier than ever, which means that if I totally fall of the wagon now I’ll be off it for a month or more, and then we’re into Thanksgiving, Christmas… and then it’s February and I’m back exactly were I started last February.

So where my usual motivational tricks have failed me I bring the camera.

The goal is to do this for the next week at a minimum. Possibly until the end of the election.

I have a regular digital camera that is easy to upload to my computer, and if I’m thinking “I forgot my camera” is an excuse, well I’m never more than 3 feet away from my blackberry (sad isn’t it), and it has a camera and then I can e-mail myself the pics.

So, here we go into my awful photo food experiment. At least I should get a clean kitchen counter and one week of good food out of this.

My Fridge, September 8th, 2008

My Fridge, September 8th, 2008

Stuff you should not see in a week:
1. Alfredo Sauce (top left), so high in calories, fat… oh, and I’m allergic to it. I really should not have that.

2. Spoiled extra pasta (top middles) in the beige tupperware, I don’t need to make that much pasta, fortunately I didn’t eat it all. There are starving children in _____! What a waste.

3. Take away (top right). I’m a good cook, I eat better when I cook. No excuse for take away.

4. Jumbo bag o marshmellows (top right, behind take away)… okay, those are hubbies, they have been there for a year, they need to go.

5. Left over heavy meal un-portioned (middle middle), the casserole container in the middle is a tuna noodle casserole made for hubby, which I had too much of, again, allergic to dairy… why do I do this to me? It’s turned. It needs to go. I find if there is room in the fridge for healthy food I will cook. If it’s full of bad food I get take away… must clean fridge.

6. Extra Pasta. Well you may or may not see this. Hopefully I’ll get it into my sealed jars. Did I mention my Post-Traumatic-Cockroach-Disorder? Almost all food is in the fridge in my house.

7. 2 year old beer. Don’t ask why. Just needs to go.

My Freezer September 8, 2008

My Freezer September 8, 2008

I’m not sure a whole lot needs to go here. I have successfully not eaten the chocolate chips in the past 3 months. The Purley Decadent is my brand of soy ice-cream, which I will eat responsibly and will not give up…. this is a lifestyle change, not a diet…. and, it has the added benefit of keeping me out of hubbies haggen-daaz (or however you spell that).


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