Weekly Check In – Week 27


Okay, it’s official: last week was my worst week ever in the 28 weeks I’ve been doing this. I got absolutely none of my goals accomplished. Did really nothing.

There are a couple of learning experiences from the week. The first is that although I didn’t manage to eat on calorie, or on maintenance a binge day for me is now 2,500 cal, whereas before, a regular day for me was 3,000 cal. So there’s a silver lining there.

I’m also just amazed at how my body has reacted. For the last 28 weeks I’ve been slowly working myself off a diet that while not fast food, was a lot of take-away, grocery pre-made (not like frozen tv-dinners, but those pre-made just pop-in microwave dinners the grocery makes), high carb (lots’n’lots o pasta) diet. For the last 12 weeks would say I’ve been successful at eating a predominantly vegan diet, mainly local, fresh, organic foods.

One week back to my old ways and I am physically a mess. I’m very tired, I have little aches and pains in my hips, I just want to sleep all of the time. My skin is oily, I’ve never really had oily skin, but I feel almost as if I could take a squeegee to it for the past few days. I’m bloated and gassy and crampy, I’m constantly thirsty. I’m getting odd headaches. I got sick. I haven’t been sick in a long time, and I got fully sick to my stomach.

Mentally I’m not too much better. My mind is lazy. I don’t want to read, I just want to sit in front of the TV and veg. I’m not really happy, it’s a chore to get up and go out and see friends and do stuff. Everything is kind of “blah”, I’m not excited about anything, I just sort of exist in this state of platication where nothing is really wrong, but nothing feels right either.

I’ve felt like this in the past, after a few months of really letting things slide out of control, eventually I end up a bump on the couch eating awful tasting popcorn. I do usually manage to kick myself in the butt and get out of it. I’m just really very surprised how fast the onset was this time. It’s really sending me a clear message how much exercise and eating right do regulate my mood and my energy levels.

In a semi-voyeristic way I’m really fascinated by this change. Like I want to study it.

I really don’t want to get out of my comfy robe and go to the gym this morning, but I need to turn this around. And, I accept the only way to do that is to get outside, get moving and go to the farmers market and re-stock on good healthy food.

I keep thinking this is the reason people don’t get started, when I am eating right and exercising I feel great, absolutely on top of the world, like I can achieve anything. Right now I feel as though brushing my teeth will take too much out of me. This is pathetic. Gym, here I come.

Overall: 0%
Household: 4%
Health & Beauty: 0%
Finance: 0%
Career: 0%
Entertainment: 0%

The observant may wonder how I can have 4% on my household tracking and 0% overall. This is because I have daily goals that lead into weekly goals. If I don’t achieve the weekly goal I need to deduct a point for the goal not achieved. If I didn’t get any points in that area, or have deducted them all then I deduct them from the overall total, as I don’t bother with negative numbers. So I did stuff around the house, a bit on health, a bit on finance, but overall not enough.

Q2 Running Weekly Average
Overall: 43%
Household: 63%
Health & Beauty: 49%
Finance: 35%
Career: 27%
Entertainment: 48%

Quarter 1:
April 2008 – June 2008
Overall: 55%
Household: 75%
Health & Beauty: 62%
Finance: 46%
Career: 36%
Entertainment: 53%


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