Weekly Check In, Weeks 25 & 26


It is safe to say that this is my quickest up and down. After the relative failure of week 24 I kicked my butt, worked super hard to get things in gear in week 25 succeeding quite well:

Overall: 79%
Household: 100%
Health & Beauty: 95%
Finance: 71%
Career: 52%
Entertainment: 81%

Then I went to the big FanExpo convention in week 26. It wasn’t the FanExpo itself. I was careful not to eat the junk at the convention. To choose real-food restaurants and to watch my portions. It was more the life balance that went. I couldn’t keep a hold of my other life priorities and the convention.

Overall: 38%
Household: 67%
Health & Beauty: 57%
Finance: 57%
Career: 23%
Entertainment: 0%

The worst part is I’m well into, almost done week 27 and this week has been worse than week 26.

Q2 is not looking promising so far:

Running Weekly Average
Overall: 49%
Household: 70%
Health & Beauty: 55%
Finance: 39%
Career: 31%
Entertainment: 54%

Q1 For Comparison:

April 2008 – June 2008
Overall: 55%
Household: 75%
Health & Beauty: 62%
Finance: 46%
Career: 36%
Entertainment: 53%


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