Weekly Check-In, Week 24


This week has been my weakest week since I started measuring my life balance goals. I did poorly in every category with a weekly overall average of only 11%. I still find it an interesting phenomena that when I feel in control of my eating and my fitness being in control of the other aspects of my life seems to fall into place. About midway though this week I surrendered to a maintenance level week after completing phase I of my plan. I also ended up letting many other aspects of my life slide. My bookkeeping and career search suffered the most, my kitchen is a mess and I haven’t even gotten the next two books for my bookclubs.

The good news is that with the olympics stared and a week of being idle I am really ready to get back to this. I delayed going back into it by a day for two reasons. One to round out one week of being idle and two to give myself that heightened sense of anticipation of going back into trying to achieve a goal and shoot for that success again.

One very positive thing that came out of the week off is that I had some of the foods that I normally cannot fit into my calories without sacrificing entire meals, and they tasted nowhere near as good as I remember. In fact they were pretty bad. Overly greasy, too sweet…. and I didn’t even eat fat food, these were just a few high-cal stir-fry’s that I made at home! I am desperately craving fresh tomatoes, corn, berries and greens.

Here we go, time for phase II to really begin!

Week 6 Q2 – August 3 – 9, 2008
Overall: 11%
Household: 33%
Health & Beauty: 19%
Finance: 0%
Career: 0%
Entertainment: 14%

Running Weekly Average
Overall: 45%
Household: 66%
Health & Beauty: 48%
Finance: 30%
Career: 29%
Entertainment: 59%

On Calorie Count, I run a weekly motivational group called Wagon Jumpers. It’s completely a self serving enterprise (well, sort of). Basically it’s a group for people who know that they are good at staring plans but not with the follow through. I’ve found that by running the group I feel responsible for not dropping out on people which keeps me honest and motivated. It also seems to be working for others as since the start of the group I have slightly over 30 participants who have been with me either since the group started 13 weeks ago, or when I closed the group to new participants 5 weeks ago.

Every week I post a discussion topic as a discussion starter, this week’s topic was “when wanting isn’t enough” what choices do you have to make to achieve your goals. Below is my answer.

This Week’s Topic

I have wanted to get fit and loose the weight for a long time now, almost 7 years in fact. I have had some success with calorie count before, but then I got bored, or busy or life happened. I have gotten desperate and tried stupid fixes like an all liquid diet, the grapefruit diet (I like grapefruit), and just straight up starving myself.

It’s taken 7 years for me to realize what commitment to changing my life means. That no program, pill or anything else is going to help me do this fast, and while people can hold my hand the cannot do the work and loose the weight for me.

To succeed in phase I I had to choose to adopt a long term vision, which was choosing a mind shift. I had to choose to watch people who were seeing results faster than I was because they were in diet range already, choose to not look at the scale meaning my precious measurements were gone, and choose every day to slowly look for healthier and more low calorie options as my intake was slowly reduced.

To succeed in phase II I need to implement the following choices:

1. Spend less time with online communities, specifically blogging so that I do not get as invested in them. Instead I will spend more time achieving my life balance goals and having more time to work fitness into my schedule.

2. Use my calendar even more. I have chosen to be responsible with my calendar for work and social events, I need to use that same calendar to make sure I am budgeting time responsibly for work outs rather than assuming I will find the time.

3. Say “no” to some social events, especially weekend events. I am overbudgeting my social time and I need to say no, or start weekend events later so that I have some time to go to the gym on weekends if I need an early start on my 4 days in the week or need to make it on a saturday. This means slightly less time with friends and family, but only really a couple of hours.


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