Good Things Grow, In Ontario


If you are not from Ontario, you may not know this catchy little easy to hum jingle… but it’s my soundtrack this long weekend.

I happily made it back to the farmers market yesterday and had a really good time getting lots of fresh Ontario, locally grown, organic great food. I eventually decided on making Ratatouille just like Remy on the silly little movie, and a chimichurri that I saw on the Rachel Ray show (yeah, morning background noise) that looked like a great little spread.

With the Chimichurri I got a local garlic whole wheat bread and used some heirloom tomatoes, olive oil and fresh basil to make a nice tomato garlic bread to use the chimichurri on.

I also splurged on the first Ontario peaches of the season.

I would have been on-cal with all of this if I hadn’t had spoiled my dinner at my board-games afternoon by overindulging in some junk food. Some tortilla chips etc…

Oh well, dinner was excellent and I continue to be truly amazed how much better … no not just a bit better, but hugely big difference, this is the same food? better… local not aged on trucks food tastes.

I love summer, it really spoils me.

On a slightly more philosophical note, I’m becoming a fast farmers market convert. I started appreciating food much more when I began cooking again, as it reminded me how much work I actually need to do to feed myself. What is really involved in where my food comes from. Going to the farmers market does this as well, but it is also such a huge learning opportunity. By going to the market I am learning just by walking through week to week which foods are actually in season… what in season tastes like (as opposed to aged on a truck) what size and shape foods naturally grown should really look like, instead of the stepford wives of tomato displays at the big grocery markets and so much more. I love the fact that the folks that run the stalls actually take the time to talk to me and tell me about their foods and how I can tell if something is ripe, and how ripe and at what stages of ripeness what it is best used for. I can’t imagine ever leaning this from a Dominion or Sobey’s.

I should have started with all this, but it’s really stuff you need to find out for yourself.

Good things grow, in Ontario.

I was able to make both of them from organic, local produce from the farmers market with the exception of the tomato paste needed for the ratatouille, the red wine vinegar courtsey of the Niagara Wine Region.


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