Diet & Exercise, not a myth – who knew?


I never really thought I would be this excited about being a size 12/14… yes, that’s right I said 12/14!

A friend of mine had offered me a pair of capris about a month ago, they’re a size 12 and while I accepted I assumed that I wouldn’t fit into them until December meaning I wouldn’t be able to wear them until next summer.

Curiosity got the better of me, and I tried them on when I got home today and I couldn’t believe it. I could not only do them up, but I could bend over and touch my toes without fearing that I was going to split a seam! I’m not quite ready to wear them out, they are a bit snug, and they give me a little muffin top. Nevertheless I am in slight disbelief about how close I am to a size 12. I really haven’t been close to the size 12 is probably four years!

It’s unbelievable to me that before I’ve even reached my “diet” calorie range I’ve had this much success. It really does go to show that just paying a bit of attention to my diet and exercise can have profound results.


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