The In-Between Size


I went clothes shopping today and received a nice surprise. I was shopping for dress clothes (the least forgiving as sizing goes), turns out I’ve definitely reached the size 14.

Most of me is estatic about this. It’s been a long time (maybe 18 months to two years) since I was a size 14! This is definite proof that the diet & exercise thing… not a myth.

I do have to admit a small trepidation though, I’ve reached the top of the dreaded “in-between” sizes. Those sizes being 12-14.

I’ve become comfortable shopping in plus sized stores. There are no friendlier women then the women who staff the plus sized stores (or, at least the ones I go to). Addition-Elle, I love it!

The problem I find is that plus sizes stores are well stocked with sizes 16 and up, it becomes quite a challenge in a plus sized store to find a 14 and almost impossible to find a 12. Ironically the “regular” sizes stores are full of lots of size 10 and smaller (although 10’s do teeter on the brink) but finding a size 12 is rare, and a size 14 almost unheard of.

So my fashion conscious self is going to have to suck it up for a bit and use this in-between phase as motivation to keep up the diet & exercise regiment to try to reach down another 4 sizes.

I’m not complaining… well not too much. I’m really happy with the success. I just wonder now that the average american woman is a size 14, where does she shop (besides old navy)? And, does that store have a franchise in Canada?

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