500 Calorie Mistake


It’s actually a happy mistake. I use calorie counting to help with my portion control. Generally I think that calorie counting alone is not a good method as you can eat a lot of bad foods like chips, chocolate bars and diet pop and meet your calorie needs but not your nutritional needs. That being said, my issue has not really ever been poor choice of foods, just eating too much of them. Thus, calorie counting.

At 1500 calories (a good weight loss range for my age, height, body type and weight) 500 calories is a pretty big deal, it’s 1/3 of my daily requirement. It is therefore logical that if I’m off by that much it can have a serious impact on my success on this journey. Fortunately the mistake has been caught (early-ish) and was more or less in my favour. Although I’m not a proponent of eating below 1200 calories, as it’s not healthy.

The site I use to track my calories is caloriecount.com one of the things I love about it is the recipe analyzer tool. It’s got a large food database so you can enter almost any ingredients you would use in recipe into the analyzer tool and have it calculate the calories/portion of the dish you are making.

I did notice yesterday something that caught my attention. The recipe I was making pintos refritos was supposed to serve 6 portions. When I cooked the dish and divided it into 6 portions it was 94 grams / portion. When I logged the calories into my daily log the analyzer had entered it as 247 grams / portion… well obviously something was amiss…

After asking a few questions on the forums (another thing I love about the site, the great forums and quick response from long time users) I figured out that since I had simply typed in the kind of bean the analyzer had thought I meant dried beans, not canned.

Took me less than 5 minutes to fix about 12 recipes with beans in them, and since I eat mainly vegetarian… and a lot of beans I figured out I’ve been shorting myself about 500 calories / day.

This 1500 calorie diet is suddenly looking “much” easier.


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