Small Accomplishments


I believe that it is the small accomplishments that make a successful weight loss / life-change journey. Grand gestures are hard to maintain, and often lead to disappointment in my experience. I need to acknowledge and congratulate myself on a few of the small things in the past few days.

I went to the farmers market on Sunday. I prefer to buy local, organic, non mass produced food. But it requires more work and I have been lax in that lately. Also, I can never buy everything I need at the farmers market so I have to commit myself to at least two stops. Nevertheless I was happy to go, and my three-bean salad tastes MUCH better with tomatoes that actually taste… well.. like tomatoes.

I made a dinner for family on Sunday and did not end up horrendously over-calorie. I’m a good cook, quite a good one actually. So when people come over I get to flex my cooking muscles a bit and this can often lead to much over-indulging in the name of company. But I kept it simple and nice. I re-used a curried potato salad from the BBQ on Saturday, so there was only a small amount that I had to share with my guests (thus no over eating of that), decorated it with Nasturtiums (from mum’s community garden). I made polenta (yes from scratch) and a roasted red pepper sauce (from veggies from farmers market), and served mint tea (from organic honey & mint grown in mum’s community garden) with raspberries (from farmers market) decorated with mum’s (the flowers). It was a very nice meal, the guests were very satisfied and had I not had the chai latte at the movie I would have been on-cal, but as it was I was not terribly over… Family dinners have usually resulted in 3500-4000 calorie days and this one came in at 1774, keeping me under for my weekly average.

Finally I made it to the gym this afternoon. I took a long lunch and did my work out. Historically Monday’s have been very bad for me. I really want to incorporate more of my exercise earlier in the week so I don’t feel so pressed at the end of the week for fear of not meeting my weekly goals. While I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that getting up early on Monday’s is a long term goal I can take the occasional long lunch, and I rarely schedule Monday evening functions. Also, the farmers market mentioned above is only open on Sunday’s from 9am – 2pm. I usually miss it because my partner works swing shift and sleeps till about 1pm, so I while away my Sunday mornings on the computer. Going out to the gym and farmers market would be a better use of this time.


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