Weekly Check In – Week 22


I did much better this week on my health goals. I am really excited to say that I ate at 1700 calories and went to the gym four days this week. Which means that this week I am trying for 1600 calories and going to the gym also for four days. If I do this then I am finished Phase I of my plan! That means I’ve successfully weened myself down from 3,000 calories per day on average to a place where I’ll be trying to maintain a 12 week plan of 1500 calories per day. I’m really excited about this!

My biggest challenge with the 1600 (and then 1500) seems not to be the hunger factor. I think slowly bringing down my calories helped with that. It’s the little bites. I’m still really bad at estimating how many calories are in what. Especially when I’m eating out.

The not so good news is that getting back on track on health & diet came at the cost of some life balance, and I almost completely neglected my financial and career goals this week. I’m way behind in my reading for my book club this coming week. I also didn’t do very well with keeping up with housework. If this lifestyle change is really going to be a lifestyle change then I need to be able to do it within the scope of my life. That is good diet & exercise + keep good job + keep up with bank account + don’t let home fall apart around me + still see friends and be social.

Weekly Results
Household: 62%
Health & Beauty: 71%
Finance: 19%
Career: 19%
Entertainment: 57%

Overall: 46%

Running Average Q2
Household: 73%
Health & Beauty: 43%
Finance: 45%
Career: 43%
Entertainment: 68%

Overall: 54%


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One Response to “Weekly Check In – Week 22”

  1. Joe Average Says:

    You’re doing great. Adjusting one’s life comes one step at a time. As to the calories, that’s been crazy for me. I did find some pictures of what 200 calories look like, which helped me get a better mental picture.

    Best wishes.

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