Put one foot in front of the other… repeat


I’ve hit one of those moods where I almost don’t care. Don’t care about anything. These moods are dangerous because I can spend the rest of the day / week / month browsing blogs, reading crap, eating crap and getting nowhere fast. The curious part is I can never figure out why these moods happen.

Logically I should be a bit more happy today. Yesterday, I went out in a pair of jeans that has not fit me since last fall. This should make me happy and recognize my success in this weight loss journey and having a tangible result. I suppose it’s that the result is bitter sweet. Those pair of jeans were my first jeans from a plus sized store. I wasn’t happy that I had to buy jeans in a plus sized store when I bought them, and I made myself a promise that I would loose weight at that point…. then I broke that promise, and went up a few more sizes until I couldn’t wear the jeans, or if I did they gave me a scary muffin top and were very uncomfortable.

On the happy side there is this very tangible result that I have lost size, which is ultimately the most important part of what we call a weight loss journey.

On the blah crappy side all this work, all this time, all this effort has got me to a place where I was 9 months ago, where I was not happy with my physical appearance 9 months ago.

I need to kick myself out of this crappy mood and remind myself that giving up now, that stopping now will only see me back here in a year, with the same old song, loosing the same 20 lbs over and over and over. I do not want that.

So onwards with my day, to try, to try to succeed in this world, in this life and in this ever so cliche journey.


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