I want odd numbers


Most people I talk to who want to loose weight have goal weight and mini-goals that usually look something like:

I want to be 150 lbs
I’m going to give myself a reward every 10, 15 or 20 lbs lost

I suspect most of us have “other” mini-goals as well. I think these are less said because they are both motivating and also sad. They are the weights we remember, here are mine:

200 – because I can’t believe I ever let myself cross that line.

184 – The first time I decided to join a gym to get fit, I knew I’d put on some weight, I couldn’t believe it was this much weight. I remember being very angry with myself.

172 – This is the heaviest weight for a female who wants to join the argonauts rowing club. I love the look of rowing, and I’d really like to try it, I remember being so happy when I found out the club nearest me was open to the public, and then upset with myself when I realized I was currently too heavy to join.

168 – This is the weight, that at my height, I will no longer be considered to be fat, or obese, I will be on the high(est) end of normal range of BMI.

164 – The first time I asked my partner to weight himself, this is what he weighed.

148 – What I weighed at the end of highschool, post anorexia.

135 – My “low” normal range.


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