Hello Pot, you’re black – Kettle


I’ve belonged to a diet / weight loss site for a few years now. This should not be seen as a black mark on that site, I always loose weight when I am using it, my problem is once I stop using it, then I stop paying attention to what I’m eating and exercising and slowly everything slides back to bad habits.

I’m probably not someone who should be giving weight loss advice. I haven’t succeeded at weight loss. Not in the whole bundle kind of way. Recognizing that I’m not on the advice giving side of the equation I still find myself watching other dieters and wanting to scream at them.

At first I want to scream at the people, because I think they are acting stupidly. Then I want to just scream because I realize that so many, in fact the majority, of people who are on diets act stupidly because there is so much confusing information out there about dieting and weight loss and at the same time we are constantly bombarded by consumer messaging.

Some of my basic’s Do’s & Don’t:

– Don’t think that diet soda will make you thin
– Do drink water
– Don’t use supplements (unless medically necessary – really – not hypochondriac necessary)
– Do learn where your food comes from
– Don’t fast
– Do learn to cook & prepare your own food
– Don’t skip meals
– Do exercise
– Don’t think that you can diet without exercise or exercise without addressing your diet long term.
– Do eat your vegetables
– Don’t trust pre-packaged diets
– Do discover tea
– Don’t shop in the centre of the grocery market
– Do shop around the edges of the grocery market
– Don’t think you can loose more than 10 lbs in a month
– Do realize that more than 10 lbs of weight loss will require a long term commitment
– Don’t think that a diet is temporary
– Do realize that to keep the weight off this is a full on lifestyle change
– Don’t eat fast food
– Do eat real food


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