Weekly Check In – Week 21


Weeks 1 – 8(ish) were quite good, and then I went through some rough patches. This is the ongoing story. Generally I make some spectacular plans that I can hold together for a few months at a time, and then abandon for boredom, over-complication or shiny objects. 

The mere fact that I’ve made it to week 21 without binning the whole plan and formulating a new one is quite spectacular. I have to admit that I had hopped for more progress by now. I’m not sure what “more” meant, but it’s (happily) become irrelevant. 

Loosing weight in the context of trying to maintain some life balance is hard. It’s also more rewarding. I can say with certainty now that I know that loosing weight alone will not change my life. I have good friends, a great boy friend, a not terrible career and if I want to keep those things and improve upon them then I need to try to keep my life on some sort of even keel while I try this weight loss thing yet again.

For those dataphiles out there, the weekly check in is as follows (the percentage number is the percentage of goals set and achieved in given period):

For Week 21 (July 13 – 19, 2008 )

Household: 76%
Health & Beauty: 38%
Finance: 67%
Career: 57%
Entertainment: 105%

Overall: 67%

So the health and beauty (i.e. the diet part) did pretty poorly this week. I missed on the calorie intake but not by much and on the exercise. This week I’m heading to the gym today – Monday (unheard of!) and I’m going to be under calorie, the trick will be eating & being under calorie, instead of not eating and being under calorie.

Quarter 2 Running Average
(Q2 – July 2008 to September 2008 )

Household: 76%
Health & Beauty: 33%
Finance: 54%
Career: 51%
Entertainment: 72% 

Overall: 57%

Obviously need to improve on diet, not being scared of my bank account and not being scared to make the necessary moves to move away from my company before it sinks into the oblivion it seems destined for.

For fun refrence

Quarter 1 resutls
(Q1 April – June 2008 )

Household: 75%
Health & Beauty: 62%
Finance: 46%
Career: 36%
Entertainment: 53%

Overall 55%

Really as compared to last quarter I’m doing better in all areas except health & beauty. I think this signals my usual dip in motivation to complete any project once it is well on it’s way, so time to rally the motivation and start working towards actual progress.  


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