I will not sabotage this!


My week in review is not so great. I’m two weeks away from finishing phase I of my plan. However I’m slipping. I wave over calorie by 34 this week, which doesn’t sound like much, but since it’s a weekly average there’s really no reason to be over. So it’s a do over on the calorie goal. I also have slacked off on exercise for the last three weeks, so I need to make sure that I don’t let that fall off the radar or I’ll never get through phase II, the consistency check. 

I still haven’t eaten breakfast. 

How badly do I want this to change? What do I actually want? Am I willing to do what is necessary to change? If I keep doing what I have always done (well for the last 8 years) I will keep getting what I have.

It’s time to change, I need to accomplish this and cross it off the list. I am not going to end up as another 40-year-old woman who is still complaining about her weight and on yet again another diet. The only one stopping me is me, and it’s time to call myself on this bullshit.


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