But I don’t WANT to…


I WANT to be thin, and in shape, and like the way I look in the mirror.

To be that I need to eat right and exercise. 

I don’t WANT to exercise tonight.

I do, want to exercise in the morning, but when morning comes I don’t WANT to get up. 

Then I feel like crap the whole day, get nothing accomplished, and start the cycle all over again. 

If I don’t exercise tonight then I MUST exercise tomorrow morning and get back into the morning exercise routine NO WHINING!

If I don’t exercise tonight, am I just indulging my laziness? Probably. 

If I don’t exercise tonight is there more of a chance that I will get some rest and be better equipped to get up in the morning. I’m half sure. 

I’ve been making a lot of excuses lately, and that usually leads to me starting next week, next month, next never. 

I haven’t been eating right because all the food in the fridge is old and I don’t have the energy to clean it. Soooo, no next week, no next month…now.

If I don’t want to go to the gym today then I need to get something productive done, that something productive is: 

1. Clean out fridge – DONE 6:16 pm – I really need one of those giant measuring tubes. I end up wasting an extraordinary amount of food. The 12 now empty food containers in my sink were food I had made (too much of) for a camping trip for the July long weekend. I couldn’t eat them, because they’re well past their expiry, but didn’t want to throw them out because that would be admitting the food and money waste. Well they’re gone now. So no more excuses not to eat breakfast or make food because there’s room in the fridge again. Back to cooking responsibly and eating properly. Starving myself and not exercising will get me nowhere fast.  

2. Plan shopping & meals for tomorrow- DONE 6:26 pm – Leek and Potato Soup for tomorrow dinner (need: Onions & Leeks) also need to buy some simple sandwich fixings for easy lunch / dinner no excuses not to eat (need: wraps, tomatoes, avocados, cucumber). 

3. Read an extra chapter of each of my books so that I don’t use them as an excuse tomorrow. – DONE 8:00 something – I actually managed to read an extra 2 chapters of each so now I’m ahead on my reading for the week, feel good that I haven’t been back to TV in a very long time now and have no obstacles except for my own psyche stopping me from going to the gym tomorrow. 

Never underestimate a cranky psyche.


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