Revisiting Unhealthy Obessions


I skipped all my meals today until my mum came over for dinner. This is not productive. This is the problem. I start to try to eat better and then I stop eating. I start to adopt the stupid anorexic ways and then I stop myself from trying to eat better because I don’t want to become anorexic again. Of course not eating for days at a time leads to over eating. Not bingeing… not yet anyways. Thank fully I have not added bingeing to my roster of food issues yet. But, if I keep up with this nonesense, then I can add bingeing which will likely quickly be followed by purging. And then I’ve rounded out my portfolio of stupid ways to screw myself over with food.¬†

I am eating breakfast tomorrow. I don’t care if it’s a popsicle, I’m eating something tomorrow morning. I am staying under 1700 cal, I am going to have healthy foods and try to eat a somewhat balanced diet tomorrow.

Oh, and I also totally slacked off on my household chores, entered no expenses, did not do any resume update and have not yet completed my reading. All round a completely unproductive day. This must stop. My numbers will beat me. They will wake up and cry at me in my sleep.


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