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I started a weight loss blog on mydeardiary some years ago… things went okay, but then life happened and I’m back to square 1 + 20 lbs (or at least that’s where I started in March 2008). I’m not in love with that community anymore, and I don’t want to go back to that blog since it is a great record of my failures. So I am imposing yet another weight loss blog on this community.

So What’s Different This Time Kid? I hear my father quoting his mother. 

It’s an honest question. God knows I’ve been on and off diets and trying to loose weight for nearly 8 years now. And, I also know I’m not alone. In fact I should likely count myself as one of the lucky ones. There are people who have been trying to loose weight their entire lives. As my friend “A” reminded me at least I know that my body is capable of thin. 

I gained weight after a bad bike accident kept me hosptialized and then on limited physical activity for close to a year and a half. You know what kids?! That spectacular metabolism that lets you eat whatever you want grinds to a halt as soon as you stop moving. I just wish I had figured that out 60lbs earlier. 

The last 8 years have seen me on a series of diets. I’m not trendy enough to have officially subscribed to any fad diet like Atkins etc… but I will get desperate enough to go on all juice diets, or the grapefruit & (so)yogurt for months at a time. In retrospect, Atkins would likely have been a step up. 

It’s not like I was a model example of health before my accident either. Sure, I was skinny but I was also anorexic for a number of years and we’ll just say there’s a reason I can eat grapefruit and (so)yogurt for weeks on end. 

I sometimes picture myself like a sit-com character with the angel and devil perched on my shoulders except in my case (as it relates to food) there’s two devils… there’s the “but-it’s-so-tasty eat Eat EAT!” devil and the “you’ll-be-thin-if-you_________” devil who always gives me stupid ideas. 

I digress…

Why will this time work?

I think the main difference this time is my acceptance of the fact that this is yet another weight loss journey. Might seem counter-intuitive, or at least unmotivational to say “hi world…. it’s me…. I’m trying to loose weight…… AGAIN…. yes, for the 50th thousandth time!….. wish me luck!”

I’ve stared a group on another site that helps me track my calories called wagon jumpers. It’s been strangely liberating to get up and say “hello, My name is _____ and I am on a diet…. AGAIN!” It’s sort of lead to this watershed of psychology and a getting away from trying to find the exact exercise / eating ratio to an acceptance that this is going to take time, it’s going to be work, it is another plan, and pervious ones have failed, but that’s okay because as long as I’m trying then I will do this, this time. For real. No holdsies or takebacks!


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